We'll Likely Be Cringing at These 2010s Trends in a Decade

Some trends never really go out of style (some even after 70 years), but I think we can all agree that others we've all been guilty of wearing should be left, well, in the past. We'll only know which fashion items truly have staying power after living past them. You either look back fondly or you cringe; there's really no in-between. Recently, we've been having a major case of the former, specifically for the '90s. We've looked back on Kate Moss's undeniably A+ style and revisited a few forgotten trends from the decade.

Since it took well over a decade after the '90s ended for us to reconsider its fashion, I wanted to know which trends we're wearing today that will go down in fashion history. Which items will be remembered fondly, and which will be discussed with a touch of embarrassment? I know I have a few thoughts on the matter, but I thought it'd be fun to have fashion experts and Who What Wear editors place bets on the outcome of trends we've worn since 2010.

Behold: the 2010s fashion trends that have the most potential to earn a cringe or two, from the most offensive to the least.

"Kick-started by Isabel Marant, love them or hate them, the controversial footwear trend drew strong reactions and was the start of integrating casual footwear in more dressy attire." — Emily Bezzant, head analyst at Edited

"Whether they're walking on the red carpet or making an appearance at a family wedding, celebrities can't seem to stop wearing the naked dress trend." — Kristen Nichols, associate editor at Who What Wear

"One of the most defining trends of the decade is tiny sunglasses—those Matrix-inspired ones spotted on celebs from Bella Hadid to Rihanna. Cool as they are, they're not easy to pull off, and they will undoubtedly become associated with a thing of the past." — Melissa Moylan, VP/creative director of womenswear for Fashion Snoops

"You know the ones, those chunky 'ugly' double-sole sneakers seen everywhere from luxury brands Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton to Fila and Nike. You either love them or hate them right now, and there's no doubt we'll all have a good laugh over them in time to come." — Moylan

"Though we might look back and wonder why the heck we ever left the house wearing leggings as pants and styled track pants with heels, it's highly likely we won't regret how crazy comfortable we were for most of this decade." — Anna LaPlaca, assistant editor at Who What Wear

"You know what's the amazing thing about designer logos? For the most iconic fashion brands, they rarely change. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because the symbols (think LV, GG, and FF) carry so much heritage and are such a major part of their brands' recognition that it wouldn't make much sense to make a swap." — Nicole Eshaghpour, market editor at Who What Wear

Logo bags are one of those trends that come in and out of style all the time, so given that they've come back in a huge way, we're betting that the hype will have died down by 2029.

"A lot of the trends we tend to associate with a specific time period are ones that aren't that flattering to begin with. Enter mom jeans, those high-waist, straight-leg cuts borrowed from the '80s that are a must-have at most denim brands out there. The mom jeans have reached mass acceptance again; however, they're not the best-looking jeans out there!" — Moylan

Now, see the '90s item everyone at Who What Wear is losing it over.